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“Garth is one of the strongest masculine figures I've met in my adult life.  Led by his strength of character, his compassionate and open demeanor, and fortunately, a sense of humor and possibility, he consistently helps men find their center.  You might connect on a physical level, as he presents with the grounded calm of a martial artist. Or you might connect intellectually, as he's also educated, high-minded, rational and curious.  If the man in mind is a son, brother or nephew, rest assured he's gaining a loving uncle. If the man in mind is yourself, rest assured you're gaining an exceptional mentor in the art of being a man.”   

G. Gabbay

“My experience with Garth has been very profound. He has helped me to achieve more in my life than I would have ever thought possible. His passion and dedication in helping people to reach higher and see beyond their perceived limitations is truly inspiring.

 I think what Garth does is not just his job, it is who he is: a warm-hearted, inspiring man whose primary concern is empowering others.  It is people like him who make a real difference in the world. I hope that you have the opportunity to spend time with Garth, and that you find the experience as enriching as mine was.”

H. Yamazaki

I've known Garth for years, both as his coaching client and a member of his men's group, The Universal Brotherhood. His mentorship and guidance has repeatedly helped me not only to navigate life's challenges, but also to forge myself into a better man, husband, and entrepreneur.


I've never met a more balanced individual: both strong and compassionate, grounded and spiritual, funny and earnest, kind and selfless, a man who truly cares about the continued evolution of our collective consciousness.


Any man who seeks to raise the bar of his life and have a heck of a great time doing it would do well to associate with Garth Sam as much as humanly possible.”

M. Pietrzak

“A coach is someone who encourages you to become your best by sharing their expert knowledge and understanding, in order to improve your performance.  In Garth Sam I have found someone whose sage guidance has been tremendously empowering…not by telling me what to do, but by realistically aligning my goals, my beliefs and my capabilities as I work to become the master of my destiny.  Believe me, these words pale in comparison to the gratitude I feel for how Garth has improved the quality of my life.”

C. Solomon

“It’s been an honor and blessing to be mentored by Garth Sam.  I don't even know where to begin sharing with what this man has done for me…

I can start with the memory of the first moment I met him at one of the Universal Brotherhood gatherings. He was speaking in front of all the men that day about such deep and profound life wisdom that I had to fill my journal with inspired notes! I knew then I had found the mentor I was seeking who could support me in becoming the greatest version of myself. Life has never been the same since that day.

To have someone by your side, who can speak in so much depth about life from a wholistic perspective is invaluable. Before meeting Garth, I was constantly living my life in extreme highs and lows. Through his guidance, I 've been able to navigate my life with greater confidence, peace, balance, harmony, and contentment.

Garth's influence on my personal journey has allowed me to achieve some of my greatest dreams and goals. I 've been able to pursue meaningful work roles, start my own coaching practice, increase my vitality, travel the world and create powerful relationships that are rooted in loving support and care. He’s also saved my ass so many times from making poor decisions that saved me money, time, energy and unnecessary stress!

I can confidently say that Garth Sam is the person who has had the greatest influence on my life over the past few years & has helped me grow into the man I am today. It is rare to come by men of his caliber with such a rich life experience.  Everyone is a self-proclaimed life coach these days, but many don’t actually reflect a high level of integrity or embody optimal living and well-being.


I can’t thank Garth enough for what he’s done for me and the people around me. He is truly a great role model, leader, brother, friend, and mentor. I’ve never seen anyone so selfless in their service to help others experience well-being and happiness. Thank you big brother, for being a powerful, positive, inspiring role model for men.”

A. Marcos

“Garth has been my guide and sounding board for several years now. He is a great human being with genuine caring for those who seek his advice and assistance. Garth is very insightful in matters of personal relationships and growth, and articulate in the way he expresses his thoughts. He has been a great help to me by enabling me to see the positive aspects of myself, and has given me the courage to grow beyond my perceived limitations.”

R. Sutherland

 “Developing a deeper sense and feelings of gratitude for my fellow men, I present you my brother, mentor and big time game changer Garth Sam.


Garth was truly the first mentor I've allowed myself to have in this life. Broke thru the ego pretty quickly and definitely earned my trust. His dedication and contributions to helping his fellow men grow is unprecedented and is reflected in the organization I am honoured to be a brother in, called The Universal Brotherhood.


Garth I thank you for being a mentor to me, for inspiring me to continue to strive for more, and for being such an inspiration for men all over the world. Thank you also for being an incredible role model for how to show up in a loving partnership. You have enriched my life beyond words and I'll always love you for that.  Big up yo self ;)”

G. Larden

Alexa Young, CA

“When I first met Garth I had an addiction to one of the many substances that someone finds themselves getting involved in. I had wanted to kick the habit for some time but did not have the will power at that time; it was not until a girl friend of mine who at the time had been getting some inspirational words of wisdom for Garth told me about him. We spoke on the phone and he informed me that he was coming to Atlanta to see my friend and that I could meet with him once he arrived. After our first encounter I could see that Garth was the type of individual who was not judgmental and saw people as human beings understanding that all of us have weaknesses and that with help can turn their situation around. So we began to talk over the phone. I cannot remember how many sessions we had but I do know that I came to realize what it was that had made me get involved in that type of behavior and that with help I could turn my situation around.

Since working with Garth I have attended school where I got my degree and I’m now looking forward to starting up a new venture with my business partners and from there the sky’s the limit. It was with Garth’s help that I was able to accomplish the things I did and for that I thank him.

Thank you Garth”!

S. Rumble

 “Garth has been a continuous source of inspiration. His positive energy and constant motivation greatly assists in facilitating one’s journey through life’s rough rides. I owe a lot of my success to Garth, and his extensive knowledge of stress management has really helped me to keep balanced in body, mind & spirit.”

G. Georgopoulos

“Dear Garth. I am grateful and proud of our association with you. By your example and intelligent nurturing, you have inspired my son and freed his imagination for change, choice and creativity. Over the years since I first sought your services for my son, you have shared the lessons learned from your own experiences and helped him to connect to the world in new ways. We value you tremendously, not just as a coach & mentor for my son, but also as a dear friend who brings vitality to our lives.” 

J. Bullen

“Garth, I feel so blessed to have you as a coach in my life! A day does not pass without your energy touching my soul. In everything I do, say and think I am reminded of the support that you have shown me since you first started to work with me. Your faith guides and motivates me every waking hour.  Thank you for helping me to continue to grow and maximize my potential for greatness!!

May you continue to make the amazing difference in people’s lives that you are destined make!


Forever your student, 

K.M. Bishop

“Garth is a great listener and truly has an exceptional way of helping a person thru tough times. He has been a great coach for me during very difficult challenges with my marriage, and has also provided valuable guidance when I was starting a second business.  If you are looking for a great lifecoach with a lot of real-life experience, I strongly recommend Garth’s services."

T. Letourneau

“I first met Garth when I was just a 15 yr old kid.  My mom introduced him to me as an inspirational person that she thought would be a good male role model & teach me some valuable life lessons.  Over the years Garth has definitely proven to be all that & more, as an easy-to-talk-to motivator, a source of positivity and someone who offers wise counsel for life course adjustments. Now, as a man in my 30s who is part of the fraternal organization that he runs, Garth continues to have an ongoing positive role in my life. From patiently instructing me in the basics of kickboxing as a teenager, to hosting interesting events over the past several years with The Universal Brotherhood that always help me to better myself, I am grateful for Garth’s genuine warmth & empowering guidance. As a dedicated source of uncommon knowledge, lifehacks, spiritual wisdom & access to his considerable network other exceptional men, Garth has continually shown himself to be a mentor of the best possible kind. “

J. A. Russell

“I think of Garth as a true friend, a mentor, & a brother.  I met & began working with Garth when I was in a difficult relationship with an ex-girlfriend. Being a strong alpha male myself I really wasn't sure what to expect from a lifecoach/relationship counselor, but it was a lot better than I thought.  Garth isn't just a person that listens to you: Garth is someone who motivates you by sharing his vision, wisdom & knowledge, someone who always makes you feel good about yourself, and see the positive side of things. Garth is really good at improving your perspective about life challenges & the way you deal with difficult issues. Working with him not only increased my optimism but also helped me to understand the importance of inner growth and vulnerability if we want to move forward. Like everyone, I know that I am still a "work in progress" but thanks to time-well-spent with Garth I can say that I've made some significant improvements in my life & have become a better person. I have immense respect for Garth as an inspiring & authentic man & I recommend his coaching services to anyone who wants to enjoy a better life.” 

D. Bouchard

"Garth is an exemplary man of integrity who has consistently shown up for me throughout the years that I have known him. As a mentor and friend, he has always offered sage advice and wisdom gained from his years of rich experience and following the path less known. 

I would highly recommend Garth’s coaching & mentorship services to anyone,  as one of the few men I know who walks his talk. He is a true anomaly of sincere service to humanity in this day and age."


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