As “iron sharpens iron”...exceptional Men make exceptional Men!


YOU are HERE because you want to improve your life &
you are looking for the RIGHT support, tools & expertise
to make powerful positive changes. 


Everyone struggles with challenges but at MPC we appreciate there are significant differences between Men & Women - from basic physiology to how we are socialized, who we are expected to be & the kind of problems we tend to focus on.  In fact, these are uniquely difficult times for Men & boys because of shifting gender roles & unclear guidelines for healthy masculinity. 


Above said, gender-specific issues call for gender-specific expertise & MPC specializes in building authentic, successful 21st century Men.


 So, if you are ready to see more, do more & be more - to achieve your goals, improve your relationships, grow beyond past limitations & fulfill your potential, MPC will help you to manifest your best!


About...ManPower Coaching


The difference that makes a difference.

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My name is Garth Sam & I am the owner & head Life Enhancement Coach at ManPowerCoaching.

When you are looking for a lifecoach I believe that one very important question you should ask yourself is…do I just want to hire someone who can tell me what to do…or do I want the dedicated support of a professional who offers not only wise & effective guidance, but also an inspiring example of exceptional living?


To use a fitness analogy, anyone can tell you that this or that exercise will produce the results you want…but ideally we are always most impressed by a personal trainer who actually looks like he has followed his own advice & embodies the results we want.


Moreover, when it comes to helping clients enjoy greater overall balance, well-being & life satisfaction, the best coaches stand apart from others thanks to a rich history of dynamic personal experiences that they can draw on.  After all, nothing teaches us more about life than life itself, so if you are looking for practical wisdom you should look to those who have grown through extraordinary life lessons themselves.


Bottom line…not all lifecoaches are created equal & many are not manifesting the kind of exceptional lives for themselves that they claim they can help other people achieve.  As I like to say, “the proof is in the person” & not just their words.


Nuff said.  If you want to be happier because you have taken your life game to the next level, I am ready to be your committed coach & cornerMan.  

MPC Services include:

1. Life Enhancement Coaching

2. Professional Mentorship

3. Small-Group Coaching Sessions & Workshops

4. Motivational & Inspirational Speaking

5. Conscious Masculinity Consulting

6. Expert Travel Companion, Adventure                           Coordinator & “Professional Wingman”

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