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WELCOME to ManPower Coaching!
My name is Garth Sam,
I've been a full-time lifecoach
for over 20 years,
& I want to help you to become
happier, healthier & more successful!


The difference that makes a difference.

When you are looking for a lifecoach I believe the most important question you should ask yourself is, do you just want to hire someone who can tell you what to do...


...or do you want the dedicated services of an experienced professional who provides both deeply insightful & effective guidance, as well as an inspiring example of exceptional living?

To use a fitness analogy, anyone can tell you that a certain exercise regimen will produce the results you want…but in the end what's most impressive is always the personal trainer who actually looks like he has been following his own advice.

Seeing really is the key to believing because whenever we see role models of what we want to achieve, we see what is possible for ourselves too.

Bottom line…not all lifecoaches are created equal & many are not manifesting the kind of exceptional lives for themselves that they are trying to help other people achieve.  As I like to say, “the proof is in the person” & not just their words. Many "talk the talk" but few truly "walk the walk".

Above said, please explore this site to learn more about who I am & why you might want to work with me. 

* I specialize in coaching Men because I love women but...I am first & foremost an expert in the male gender & a passionate advocate for confident, conscious, healthy masculinity.  

* I believe that a wholistic, wisely-balanced, mind-body-spirit approach is the best way to create an exceptional, authentic life. 

* I really like to work with anyone who has a coachable athlete's mindset & appreciates that dedicated, consistent effort is the key to best results...not just in sports, but most importantly in the game of life.  


Different strokes for different folks but...if you are ready to see more, do more & be more - to improve your relationships, achieve your goals, grow beyond any bullshit from the past that has held you back, & fulfill your highest potential - I am ready to lean-in as your exceptional mentor, coach & cornerMan.  

ManPower Services include:

1. Life & Relationship Coaching

2. Crisis & Career Counseling


3. Professional Mentorship for Youth & Adults

4. Small-Group Empowerment Sessions & Workshops

5. Motivational & Inspirational Speaking

6. Conscious Masculinity Consulting

7. Expert Travel Companion, Adventure                           Coordinator & “Professional Wingman”

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