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1.  Life Enhancement Coaching

Life is complicated, nobody gets a “how-to” manual, and very few people have someone in their corner who truly wants to help them enjoy real success. 

Moreover, as men we often suffer from serious trust issues due to bad experiences with low integrity people. 

If you are ready to have a better life experience & grow past the drama/trauma/bullshit that has been compromising your contentment NOW is YOUR time!  Contact Garth to get the dedicated support, insight & inspired strategic guidance you need from a powerful ally committed to helping you thrive!

MPC is here to help with:

  • Life Balancing & Stress-Management

  • Strategic Planning & Goal-Getting

  • Relationship Coaching (Romantic, Platonic & Professional)

  • Crisis, Career & Transition Support

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence Building

  • Motivation & Inspiration

  • Personal Growth & Spiritual Development

  • Business Concept Development & Marketing

  • Physical Fitness, Health & Weight Management

  • Martial Arts & Self-Defense Training


* NOTE:  While MPC is for any Man who is ready to improve his life-game, - regardless of his current circumstances - Garth also specializes in working with High-Performance & Professional Athletes (especially NFL/CFL, NBA, NHL & MMA). If you are such an athlete you already understand the critical connection between excellent coaching & the quality of your sports performance.  At MPC our goal is to make sure that you are not just an exceptional athlete, but that you are also an exceptional Man enjoying an exceptional life! Trust your sports coaches to help you be the best athlete you can be.  Trust Garth & MPC to help you handle all of the other stuff going on so you can have a great life too!   

A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.  Step up & contact MPC to see what Life Enhancement Coaching with Garth can do for you. 

2. Professional Mentorship

Very few young Men have a dedicated mentor to support them as a positive male role model, a champion for peak performance & a source of trusted counsel.  From 18 – 30 young Men are typically making some of the most important & impactful decisions of their lives, but they often do so with very little meaningful life experience/wisdom of their own & limited expert input from others. Enter MPC.

We provide empowering support & sage guidance to help teenagers & young Men successfully navigate the many challenges of early adulthood...from career-building & significant financial decisions to personal development & romantic relations.  Professional Mentorship from Garth, with his great wealth of experience & understanding, offers an invaluable advantage that will maximize the probability of success, self-esteem & overall well-being for any young Man…guaranteed! Moreover, with an enlightened commitment to developing “healthy masculinity” our wholistic approach to Professional Mentorship is more important than ever to help build strong, confident, compassionate, intellectually-dynamic & non-sexist, 21st century “renaissance” Men. 

Contact Garth for an intro session & give yourself/your son/your brother or any other Man you care about a very special life advantage via a Professional Mentorship program.   

3.  Small-Group Coaching Sessions & Workshops 

MPC offers regular small-group opportunities for Men to explore important personal growth & empowerment topics together. In addition to one-on-one sessions, many Men really enjoy these focused, facilitated gatherings.    

4.  Motivational & Inspirational Speaking 

Garth is an excellent public speaker, presenter & MC who has inspired & entertained audiences around the world. Erudite, eclectic & well-traveled, equipped with knowledge, wisdom & humor, Garth is selectively available to speak to corporate clients, schools, women’s groups, community organizations & government agencies. If you want to make your function uniquely impressive, please contact MPC to see if Garth can add value to your event.

5. Conscious Masculinity Consulting

In the wake of the important “Me Too” movement many institutions & individuals these days are appropriately trying to understand & ameliorate “toxic masculinity”.  MPC seeks to evolve the dialogue further by promoting the concepts of “inspired masculinity”, “enlightened masculinity”, “conscious masculinity”, compassionate masculinity & “divine masculinity” as important expressions of healthy masculinity.

So, if your company or organization is keen to be at the forefront of this important conversation - to increase understanding, decrease sexism & incorporate empowering strategies to help Men bring their best qualities to bear on the world -  please contact MPC to learn more about how our expertise can enhance your objectives.


6.  Expert Travel Companion/Adventure Coordinator & “Professional Wingman”

 You have the funds, the time & the desire to explore the world & enjoy exciting new experiences.  Now what you need is a dynamic, interesting, confident, travel-tested companion to watch your back & make your adventures even better.  Contact MPC & see if Garth or another member of our team is available to be your “Professional Wingman”. If so, you can look forward to manifesting some unforgettable memories as you stop waiting to find someone exceptional to share your bucket list with!

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